NixViolate Datalake

NixViolate Datalake allows users to view data at any scale. A Datalake is different because it stores relational data from line of business of applications, and non-relational data from mobile apps, IoT devices and social media. The structure of the data or schema is not defined when data is captured. Different types of analytics on data like SQL Queries, Big Data Analytics, full text search, Real-time Analytics, and Machine Learning can be used to uncover insights.

Datalake on the other hand, are fed information in its native form. Little or no processing is performed for adapting the structure to an enterprise schema. The biggest advantage of Datalake is flexibility. By allowing the data to remain in its native format, a far greater-and timelier stream of data is available for analysis.

Why choose Datalake?

  • Ability to derive from unlimited types of Data.
  • Ability to store all types of structured and unstructured data in data lake, from CRM data to social media posts.
  • Democratized access to data via a single, unified view of data across the organization when using an effective data management platform.

Key Features

  • A single shared repository of data, typically stored within Distributed File System (DFS).
  • Includes orchestration and job scheduling capabilities. Workload execution is a prerequisite for enterprise.
  • Contains a set of Application or workflows to consume, process or act upon the data. Easy User access is one of the hallmarks of datalake, due to the fact that organisations preserve the data in its original form