NixViolate - World's First Regulatory Risk Data Lake Service

By Consolidating millions of violation data of thousands of regulators which is both in structured and unstructured form to provide robust Regulatory insights as a service. It is extensively using all technologies not limited to Big Data, Machine Learning, Text Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

Nixviolate help organisations get regulatory intelligence update to prepare for the challenges faced by giving them sense of the industry and regulators they are handling. Organizations with large-scale operations can benefit by leveraging the power of our tool by identifying the regulatory issues their industry faces in new regions they want to enter and strategize based on it, which also saves them $M of costs.

Why NixViolate

NixViolate ensures the use of creating a comprehensive database of corporate crimes. The database could prove very useful to procurement officers who are charged with choosing between multiple bidders on multi-billion dollar contracts. Under the new rule titled the "Fair Pay & Safe Workplace Executive Order", the government is required to contract only with companies that have a "satisfactory record of performance, integrity and business ethics", and NixViolate adheres with the such rules. We bring to you the details from different sources about not only the names of the organisation imposed with the penalty against Regulations, but also the amount of money that was imposed.

How NixViolate makes it happen

The team not only rely on specific sources to track Violation details but are influenced by different upcoming technologies that makes it happen. Data Collection is one of the key factors that makes NixViolate an impeccable Regulation Breach Tracker.
Data Collection being an approach to gather and measure information from a variety of sources to get a complete and accurate picture of an area of Interest. It enables an organisation to answer relevant questions, evaluate outcomes and make predictions about the future probabilities and trends.