Track your Regulation Breaches

  • We are world's first Regulatory Risk Data Lake providing Intelligence.
  • We track millions of violation data to provide robust regulatory instights as a service.
  • We use Giant Technologies like Big Data, Machine Learning, Text Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.
  • We provide Regulatory Intelligence Update of Regulators and Industry to the Organizations.
  • We allow the ease of Data Exploration; therefore we made the regulatory crawled data for users exploration.

NixViolate - Data Governance, Data Discovery, Data Storage & Exploration

FixNix's Regulatory Risk Data Lake is the World's First Regulatory Risk Data Lake providing Regulatory Intelligence as a Service. We follow Datalake core concepts like Data Governance, Maintaining Data Quality, Storing huge Data and exploration of data to the users. With the Data Exploration we assures Data Privacy and allows connectors to get data from a multiple source and load into our portal. NixViolate is design in a way to handle all types of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, hence assuring multiples ingestions like Batch, Real-Time, One-time load. NixViolate allow fast access to data exploration and support various data formats.

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